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Metro7  v.1.0.302.0.111108-2327 Beta

This application will enable users to enjoy the Metro UI design on their desktop, thus discovering all the new 'metro' features. Metro7 will provide instant access to important apps, videos and news right after logging into system.

AlphaControls Lite Edition  v.4.64

A package of standard and unique skinable VCL's for professional UI design developmet using \AlphaSkins\. AlphaControls is an easy-to-use universal and powerful tool for developing original skinned and non-skinned business/media applications.

COWOZ-Cooperative Wizard of Oz Editor  v.1.0.0

As an Eclipse Plugin the COWOZ-CLient supports electronic paper prototyping of a distributed team of UI-Designers in sketching User Interfaces in the early stage of UI-Design together with iterative and distributed usability

HDExplorer  v.1.0

A files manager for the android phone since android1.5.Full featured file manager, Nice UI design and user friendly

WinCss  v.

wincss is a css component for winform to support UI design and code separating like css for web,it base a configuration library "maxco",all change of UI can use configuration file after coding/compling and does not need to change all of application

Hosted GWT visual designer and sharing  v.1.0

Hosted Ajax Visual Designer for GWT - Google Ajax Web Toolkit. Share widgets with other GWT developers on the web. Mapxor doesn't requires installation. Generate GWT java code by the UI design. Store projects on web,project can be develop from ...

NetMVC  v.1.0

Library for clean UI design and behavior separation. Inspired by "humble view" idiom allowing to write testable UI behavior.

WP-Themes  v.1.0

This is a many WP-Themes works to the together,This is not only used in WordPress, also be applied in more BLOG interface. All entries will be high-quality, creative and not be stereotyped. Project members are loving UI design. WordPress Themes

PWman  v.0.4.4

PWman is a text-based application based on the ui design of abook addressbook.

UI Mockup  v.1.2.5

UI Mockup is a powerful component that allows you to easily to build presentable UI mockups for web, mobile (Iphone) and desktop for business user, developer and professionals in component way. for WindowsAll

Smartface Designer  v.

Smartface Designer helps mobile operators, developers, designers and even tech enthisuasts to create custom user experiences for mobile applications without having to invest in teams of high skilled developers.

Lumisoft UI Controls  v.1.1

Lumisoft’s UI Controls 0.11 contains over a dozen basic flat controls for Windows Forms apps. The controls can be configured using the Property tab in VS.NET, but lack advanced WYSIWYG design-time support and databinding. Seems somewhat buggy.

AGE UI Editor  v.0.0.1

UI Editor is AGE's tool for designing and building graphical user interfaces (GUIs) from AGE components. It allows you to design and build widgets and windows using on-screen forms using the same widgets that will be used in your application.

Flightdeck-UI  v.1.0

Flightdeck-UI is a project that utilizes the ideas from the design of aircraft controls and instruments for creating computer user interfaces, such as for monitoring.

Informal UI's  v.1.0

Informal UI's and toolkits in Java. SATIN is a toolkit for pen-based sketching and zooming UI's. DENIM is an app for sketching an early-stage web site design. This sourceforge site is intended for continued development of these and other ...

PyQt / Maya UI pack  v.1.0

A collection of flexible re-usable UI elements to use for rapid prototyping - select and configure a 'closest fit' for a UI rather than custom design.The dialogs will also be compatible with Maya where applicable.

Web Design Software for creating websites  v.2.0

Create websites with this great web design software. Easy software to make easy and great websites. Get this great web design software today!

Color Picker for Logo Design  v.1

Software for logo designers. Easily pick needed color from the screen. Useful when you design logos. Select needed color from the logo design color combination. Pick colors from existing logos.

Calendar Designer to design your own calendars with your graphics, make free calendars too!  v.2.0

Create your own free calendar designs using this great calendar designer software! It also includes a number of graphic designs that you can incorporate, showing you how to easily design a calendar, or you can use the built in calendar templates to m

AutoTRAX Design Express  v.1.00

AutoTRAX DEX is a powerful multiplatform integrated Electronic Design Suite for Electronic Engineers. It has all the features you expect and need to rapidly and easily take your design from conception through to production. It's in-built hierarchical

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